Rehab Grid

Why Restor?

We all have experience working with the highest-level athletes in professional sports, and we know what it takes to get you back to peak performance. There are no time limits at Restor and you will be pushed to reach your goals and beyond.

Many clinics today are cutting back on time spent with patients due to insurance cutbacks but we have chosen to stay the course and continue to offer the same comprehensive rehabilitation program you deserve.

Our goal is to get you better and we will do whatever it takes to see that this happens. Just take a look at our rehabilitation grid that all of our therapists follow.

Rehab Grid
    Our goal at Restor is to rehabilitate you to the highest level and beyond your pre-injury status.
  1. Follow Up Assessment
    1. We assess your progress each and every treatment
  2. Manual Therapy
    1. We incorporate the latest manual therapy techniques to help you recover faster
  3. Neuromuscular Re-Education
    1. This is where we re-train proper movement patterns
  4. Cardiovascular Conditioning
    1. Critical to enhance healing. If you are not already doing cardio consistently, we will make sure this gets done
  5. Strength And Conditioning
    1. Each session we will address a different system that comprises an optimal and complete rehabilitation program:
      1. Base Strength Development
      2. Muscular Endurance
      3. Power
      4. Speed
      5. Elastic Strength and Plyometrics
  6. Structural Integration
    1. Therapeutic yoga and prolonged stretching postures to favorably change structure
  7. Modalities
    1. Modalities to facilitate healing and reduce soreness are part of every treatment session:
      1. Ice
      2. Vasowrapping
      3. Electrical Stimulation